Fort Plain Central School District

Louise Clute   English 7th Grade

Poetry Lesson


This lesson begins by showing the Video “How to Appreciate Poetry”, Sunburst Visual Media, School Specialty Family.  Description:   Show readers what to look for in great poetry! Young actors present all the important elements of poetry, including alliteration, consonance, assonance, onomatopoeia, internal rhyme, end rhyme, iambic pentameter and more. This programs will help young people learn to appreciate this fine literary form.                        url:


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Onomatopoeia examples video:  Link to Youtube Video

created by Youtube user:  Experimation


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Hyperbole, Simile, Metaphor examples Video:  Link to Youtube Video created by Youtube user: Experimation


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The Outsiders by Robert Frost:   Ponyboy reciting “Nothing Gold Can Stay”


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Harry Potter Haiku


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Love That Dog, by Sharon Creech on line reading


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Online Reading of Harlem illustrated by Christopher Myers

The Kennedy Center Storytime online

(requires RealPlayer, download available on this web site)

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