SLO Projects Indexed by Grade

Grade Subject Project Name District Type Year
K Science Activity Unit on Space East Greenbush web page 1999
K Science Oceans (Smart Notebook file) Fort Plain web page 2010
K Social Studies Getting Together Plattsburgh web page 1996
K Math Introduction to Number 11 South Glens Falls web page 1997
K Social Studies Exploring Other Cultures South Glens Falls web page 1997
K-1 ELA Carie's Critters and Other Curiosities Salmon River web inquiry 2005
K-2 ELA ELA Exempar K-2: Fall Leaves, Trees Plattsburgh web page 1997
K-2 MST Froggy Fun Northeastern Clinton web page 2002
K-2 ELA Ladybug Lesson Plan Moriah web page 2002
K-2 Math M&M's Classroom Duanesburg web page 1996
K-5 ELA Author Study Schenectady web page 2000
K-5 Social Studies Green Meadow Historical Archives East Greenbush web page 2005
K-5 Social Studies Household Objects from the Past Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake web inquiry 2002
K-5 Art Pashhley Elem. School's Art Room Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake web page 2008
K-5 MST Websites by Topic Bethlehem web page 2008
K-6 Social Studies A Rainbow Planet Saranac web page 1997
K-6 MST Virtual School Library Catskill web page 2003
K-8 Art From Sheep to Shawl Heuvelton web inquiry 2002
K-8 ELA Your Opinion Counts Moriah web page 2003
K-12   Edwards-Knox Projects Edwards-Knox web page 1996
K-12 Technology iPad Teacher Resources Wiki Niskayuna web 2.0 tools 2012
1 Science The Life Cycle of the Butterfly Beekmantown web page 1996
1 Science Snowflakes Whitehall web page 2001
1 ELA Using the Writing Process for an Expository Writing... East Greenbush web page 2009
1-2 Science Five Senses Riddles Scotia-Glenville web page 1996
1-2 Social Studies Maps Unit Duanesburg web page 2008
1-3 ELA Dictionary Find and Rhyme Queensbury web page 1996
1-5 Science Science Lesson Plan Watervliet web page 2006
2 Science Artsy Volcanoes Northeastern Clinton web page 2001
2 Science Mrs. Wolf is Wondering about Wolves Fonda-Fultonville web inquiry 2004
2-3 ELA Isnít it Poetic? Moriah web page 2004


Getting to Know You: An Elementary Author Study New Lebanon web page 1997
3 Science Animals of the Rain Forest New Lebanon web page 1996
3 Science Lumps of Lava East Greenbush web page 1998
3 ELA Mysteries of the Deep South Glens Falls web page 1996
3 ELA Our Favorite Books in Our Own Voices Gloversville web 2.0 tools 2012
3 Science Pollination Plant Growth Using Excel Bethlehem CSD web page 2006
3 Math Promethean/PowerPoint Presentation - Math Journey Schalmont web page 2011
3 Science Rocks and Minerals Scotia-Glenville web inquiry 2002
3 Science Seasons Change Ticonderoga web page 1997
3 Science Weather Topics Duanesburg web page 2006
3 Social Studies Welcome to Our World Fonda-Fultonville web inquiry 2003
3-4 ELA The Caldecott Medal Project Duanesburg web page 2001
3-5 MST Beam Me Up, Scottie Queensbury web page 1997
3-5 Art Creating Collections Schenectady web page 1999
3-5 ELA ELA Exemplar 3-5: The Canada Geese Quilt Plattsburgh web page 1997
3-5 ELA Star Poems - An Interactive VoiceThread Digital Book Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake web 2.0 tools 2010
3-5 Social Studies The Florida Everglades: An Internet Sampler Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake web page 1999
3-5 Social Studies The Global Village Plattsburgh web page 1996
3-5 ELA The Wonderful World of Walls East Greenbush web inquiry 2003
3-5 Science What's the Weather Harrisville web page 1996
3-6 Math Mrs. Palmateer's Math Website for Grades 3,4,5, and 6 Catskill CSD web page 2008
3-12 ELA Inspiring Webs and Outlines Scotia-Glenville web page 1996
3-12 ELA Learning to Outline Using Inspiration Duanesburg web page 2005
4 Math Analyzing Student Reading Record Bethlehem web page 2002
4 ELA Animal Poem St. Regis Falls web page 1996
4 Social Studies Colonial Times Living Museum Voorheesville web 2.0 tools 2012
4 Social Studies Erie Canal WebQuest Voorheesville web page 2005
4 Math Fourth Grade Excel Scotia-Glenville web page 2006
4 Science Marine Mammals Ticonderoga web page 1996
4 Science NY State Science Test Review 2011 Mohonasen web page 2012
4 Social Studies Our Town: An Online Module Massena online course 2001
4 Science Signs of Spring Catskill online course 2004
4 Social Studies Voorheesville, NY: A Fourth Grade Photo Journal Voorheesville web page 2008
4 Social Studies Watervliet and the Erie Canal: An Integrated Unit of Study... Watervliet web page 2008
4-5 ELA History of the Genet School East Greenbush web page 2001
4-5 Social Studies Through the Eyes of Frederick Remington 1961-1909 Gouverneur web page 2002
4-5 Social Studies Henry Hudson's Voyage with Hamagrael Elem. School Bethlehem web page 2009
5 Social Studies African American Scientists and Inventors Schenectady web inquiry 2003
5 Math Betcha Can't Project St. Regis Falls web page 1998
5 MST Booktalks Schalmont web 2.0 tools 2010
5 ELA Bookclub Blog Watervliet web 2.0 tools 2012
5 Social Studies Constituion Wiki East Greenbush web 2.0 tools 2012
5 Social Studies Early America Web Quest Voorheesville web inquiry 2010
5 Science Fifth Grade Whale Watch Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk web page 1997
5 ELA Grapevine Mythology Ticonderoga online course 2004
5 Social Studies Henry Hudson - NY State Explorers Ticonderoga web inquiry 2003
5 Technology Multimedia Authoring for Students Averill Park web page 1997
5 Health One Body, One Mind Watevliet web page 1996
5 Science Podcasting the World Ticonderoga web page 2008
5 Science Solar System: Web-based Inquiry Edwards-Knox web inquiry 2002
5 MST Space Shuttle Projects St. Regis Falls web page 1997
5 Social Studies The Branches of the U.S. Government Voorheesville web inquiry 2002
5 ELA The River Ticonderoga web page 2009
5 Social Studies Top Secret Ticonderoga web 2.0 tools 2010
5 MST Using Excel Spreadsheet in Math Education Canton web page 1999
5 Science Visitors from Space! Searching for Micrometeorites Whitehall web page 1999
5 Social Studies U.S. Presidents Research Project Moriah web page 2008
5 ELA Washington D.C. Travel Itinerary Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake web page 2000
5 Social Studies Westward Expansion East Greenbush web inquiry 2002
5-6 Math It's About Time Scotia-Glenville web page 1996
5-6 Social Studies Central America Yesterday and Today Burnt Hills-Ballston Spa web inquiry 2001
5-6 Social Studies Exploring the Mysteries of the Ocean Chazy web inquiry 2001
5-6 Math Savings and Loan Project Gouverneur web page 2001
5-6 Math Will You Please Order for Me, Dear? Scotia-Glenville web page 1996
5-8 Science Plants Project Saratoga web inquiry 2002
5-8 Social Studies Stuck in the Middle Salmon River web inquiry 2004
5-12 Social Studies North Country Almanac Moriah web page 1997
6 Social Studies An Integrated Review of the Reference Area of the Library Duanesburg web page 1998
6 Math Angles of Triangles Scotia-Glenville web page 2005
6 Technology Bookin' With Books Fonda-Fultonville web page 1999
6 Social Studies Mesopotamia Web Quest Scotia-Glenville web page 2008
6 ELA Making a Difference Scoita-Glenville web page 2010
6 ELA Middle School Stories East Greenbush web 2.0 tools 2010
6 ELA Mystery Unit/Ancient Culture Setting East Greenbush web page 2000
6 ELA The Lynching of Emmett Till Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake web inquiry 2004
6 ELA Window into the Kingdom of the Wolves Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake web page 2003
6 Social Studies Brunnelleschi and Architecture: An Interdisciplinary Unit Voorheesville web page 2003
6 Social Studies Medieval Times Scotia-Glenville web inquiry 2003
6 MST The Day You Were Born Plattsburgh web inquiry 2001
6 Social Studies What Happened to Pompeii? Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake web inquiry 2006
6 Science What Your Students Know About Alcohol Whitehall web inquiry 2006
6-8 MST Efficiency in Heating with Passive Solar Energy Canton web page 1998
6-8 Science Evolution Web-Inquiry Watervliet web inquiry 2002
6-8 Social Studies Family Focus Unit Plattsburgh web page 1996
6-8 ELA Literary Agent WebQuest East Greenbush web inquiry 2006
6-8 Technology The Excel-lent Computer Project Scotia-Glenville online course 2004
6-8 ELA Fourth Grade Observer Canton web page 1998
6-8 MST Netiquette for Middle Schoolers Queensbury web inquiry 2001
6-8 Math Operations of Fractions Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk web inquiry 2003
6-12 ELA Searching the Web Bethlehem web inquiry 2003
7 Science A Density CyberLab Saratoga web page 2001
7 ELA Basic Poetry Fort Plain web inquiry 2009
7 FACS Bully Stories Burnt Hills-Ballson Lake web page 2009
7 Social Studies Heritage Magazine Computer Database Hoosic Valley web page 1996
7 Science iBook Review Ticonderoga web 2.0 tools 2012
7 Science Infectious Diseases Ticonderoga web 2.0 tools 2011
7 ELA LGA Project Whitehall web 2.0 tools 2012
7 Science Nature Calendar Voorheesville web page 2011
7 Science The Affect of Mass on the Speed of a Falling Object Saratoga web page 1998
7 ELA The Walk Report Whitehall web page 2010
7 Science Using USGS Data to Calculate Worldwide Earthquake... Saratoga web page 2000
7 Technology Who Wants to be a Millionaire? Hammond web page 2002
7-8 Technology The Cereal Box Scotia-Glenville web page 1996
7-8 Technology Exploring Manufacturing Elizabethtown-Lewis online course 2002
7-8 ELA Poetry Writing With Karla Kuskin Massena web page 1999
7-8 MST Processing Materials Elizabethtown-Lewis web page 2009
7-8 Math Seeking Statistics in Scholastic Settings Scotia-Glenville web page 1997
7-8 Technology Technological Inventors and Their Inventions Schenectady web inquiry 2001
7-9 Art 7th Grade African Art Internet Project Madrid-Waddington web inquiry 2000
7-12 Art American Art WebQuest Chazy web inquiry 2003
7-12 Health Healthy Habits and You Schenectady online course 2002
7-12 MST Let's Play Plinko Moriah web page 1996
7-12 Technology Processing Materials Elizabethtown-Lewis web page 2008
7-12 Technology The Relationship Between Industrialization and Production... Massena web page 2002
7-12 LOTE Travel Agency - Agencia de Viajes Fonda-Fultonville web inquiry 2002
8 Science Earth Science: Rocks, Volcanoes and Earthquakes East Greenbush online course 2004
8 MST The Case of the Robbery at Ballston Middle School Ballston Spa web page 1996
8 Social Studies Vietnam War Web Quest Fort Plain web inquiry 2012
8 FACS Why Did I Buy That? Persuasive Techniques Used in Ads Schenectady web 2.0 tools 2011
8-9 Social Studies A Tragic Conclusion to a Triumphant School Chazy web page 1998
8-12 LOTE French Food Throughout the World Norwood-Norfolk web page 1996
9 MST Body Systems Schenectady web page 2008
9 Science Classification Malone web page 2004
9 ELA Cultural Racism Watervliet web page 2001
9 Science Oceanography-Glaciology Sampler Brushton-Moira web inquiry 2001
9-10 Math Algebra Semester 1 NROC Schenectady online course 2012
9-10 Science Exploring the National Parks Projects Using the Internet Harrisville web page 1997
9-10 Social Studies Ms. Winchellís Global History and Geography Ticonderoga web page 2002
9-10 Science Physical Weathering Lab Whitehall web page 2005
9-12 CDOS Applying Microsoft Outlining Chazy web page 2005
9-12 CDOS Celebrate the USA Clifton-Fine web page 1998
9-12 MST Creating a Web-Based Portfolio Fonda-Fultonville online course 2008
9-12 Science Diluted Gravity Malone web page 2005
9-12 LOTE El Corte Ingles Fonda-Fultonville web page 2001
9-12 MST Engineering Careers Schoharie web page 2009
9-12 Social Studies Examining Crucial Events in History: Holocausts Harrisville web inquiry 2000
9-12 Science Growth Rate of a Dinosaur Chatham web page 1997
9-12 Physics Hooke's Law Lab Malone web page 2003
9-12 Social Studies Imports and Exports: The Business of Economics... Madrid-Waddington web inquiry 2002
9-12 Art Creating a Photoshop Animation Chazy web page 2010
9-12 Art Going the Extra Mile- Marketing a Charitiable Sporting Event Chazy web page 2004
9-12 Physics Resistivity Malone web page 2006
9-12 ELA Shakespeare's Othello Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk online course 2004
9-12 CDOS Career Interest Profiler Activity Watervliet online course 2004
9-12 CDOS World Cup Bobsledding Chazy web page 2002
9-12 Art Yearbook Publication with Digital Scrapbooking Elizabethtown-Lewis web 2.0 tools 2010
10 ELA Voices of War: Visions of Peace Watervliet web inquiry 2003
10 ELA Women in the World 10th Grade English Noodle Tools Schoharie web 2.0 tools 2012
10-11 LOTE A Eulogy for the Day of the Dead Ogdensburg web page 1996
10-12 LOTE Francophone Encyclopedia Crown Point web page 1999
10-12 CDOS Introduction to the Caughnawagan Fonda-Fultonville web page 2006
10-12 Technology Understanding Copyright Elizabethtown-Lewis web inquiry 2004
11 ELA Recognizing Literary Devices Through Comparison to... Moriah web page 2005
11 Social Studies The Nuclear Bomb and its Impact Schoharie web page 2011
11 ELA The Scarlet Letter NE Clinton online course 2008
11 Social Studies Schuyler Flatts Online Project Watervliet web page 2000
11-12 MST Mission Possible: A Pre-Calculus Approach Chazy web page 1999
11-12 Social Studies Hands On Government Ravena-Coeymans-Selkirk web page 1999
11-12 MST Monster Trucks Scotia-Glenville web page 1996
10-11 Math Product Design: Soccer Ball Whitehall web page 2009
11-12 Science Shoreline Restoration Budget Justification Massena web page 1998
12 Science The Physics of Roller Coasters East Greenbush web page 1997